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10 Upcoming British Horror Films To Watch!

AshJanuary 27th, 20134 Comments

The British are coming! After the financial and critical success of 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and more recently The Woman in Black, British horror films have seen an increase during the last ten years. The following is a list of 10 immanent arrivals to DVD worthy of attention.

Included with each film is a trailer for your viewing stimulation.


The Irish love a drink and the population of Erin Island are no exception. More still if getting pissed is what’s keeping them alive! That seems to be the premise in this Irish horror comedy that mixes madcap humour with a good old fashioned creature feature. Looks like a good bit of fun.


Do we really need another ‘found footage’ horror movie? Hollow is Britain’s inclusion into the genre as we follow events on camera leading up to a horrific crime. Standard stuff right? Where Hollow does intrigue though is with the idea of a ghostly presence residing within the hollow centre of a mysterious tree and with the notion that the paranormal activity leads people to death by way of suicide.


If you can look past the idea of British comedian Ross Noble (of all people!) playing the title role as a sadistic clown hell-bent on revenge, then this could be a murderous treat. The set up seems like your typical revenge plot as Stitches the clown returns beyond the grave to seek revenge on those responsible for his tragic death. Clowns have always been a personal source of discomfort for me (I blame Stephen King) so naturally I am drawn to this film. There just aren’t enough killer clown films being made right?

The Fallow Field

Independent British horror film The Fallow Field has been trying to find a release date for the past 3 to 4 years. Finally it arrives in March on DVD and I’m looking forward to its arrival. The story centres on an amnesiac prone to the odd blackout. One day, said man wakes to find he is stranded in a field with no recollection of the past few days but with a powerful sense of déjà vu. A mystery ensues as the man seeks answers which lead him into a dark set of events. A ‘Memento’ type horror? I hope so.

Tower Block

Residents of a London tower block, who were witness to a youth beaten to death, are now being picked off one by one by a revengeful sniper. It’s not a bad idea for a film. Let’s hope it’s tense and frantic.


Two student filmmakers decide to make a empathetic documentary based on living conditions in the Draymen Estate which is known for it’s brutal violence and where many have gone missing. Are they mad? Even the authorities won’t go near the place. Needless to say, the boys get more than they bargain for in a community beyond redemption.

Berberian Sound Studio

Locked away in a recording studio, British sound engineer Gilderoy is hired to create the audio for an art movie. However, he soon discovers he’s been led there under false pretenses and is actually creating sounds for horror. Bizarre set up this one yet the film has created a lot of buzz. I’m intrigued to say the least. Expect an atmospheric slow burner.


In this black comedy a newly formed couple take their caravan for a road trip around the British Isles to help invigorate romance and intimacy between them, whilst also unlocking their passion for a spot of violence and murder. Don’t let the ‘comedy’ aspect mislead you. Word has it this is a chilling and unsettling slice of psychopathic horror. I’m excited.

Love Bite

When a local teenager goes missing in the small coastal resort of Rainmouth-on-Sea, a werewolf hunter arrives with reason to believe there is a beastie in their midst that feeds on the flesh of virgins. This is another horror comedy which shares a similar set-up with Grabbers but with sex replacing alcohol as the required focus for survival. They could made a good double feature.

Guinea Pigs

Eight volunteers go in for drug testing at a remote medical establishment. The drug they begin to trial starts to mess with their head space as the severity of the side effects takes hold of each individual. All the footage is caught on camera and presented to us in a documentary style for our viewing pleasure.

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